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360 Review Questions

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We have a vast database of effective 360 review questions, covering all aspects of management and team activity and behaviours. This can help you focus quickly on the questions that your organisation needs to include in your 360 questionnaire, and make sure that you ask them in the most effective way.

Asking the right questions lies right at the heart of effective 360 feedback. There always more questions that you'd like to find out about than can reasonably be included, so really careful selection is vital. Too many questions and you lose the quality and quantity of the comments being fed back. It's also important to avoid ambiguous questions that cover more than one action or behaviour, or questions that ask about things that people can't actually observe.

For example, "Delivers high quality solutions on time" is a bad 360 review question. It is actually two quite different questions, one about timeliness and one about quality, which could produce two quite different scores.

Here are a few examples of good, specific and observable questions that our clients often find useful:

1. Actively listens to the ideas and opinions of others

2. Achieves deadlines and delivers on time

3. Communicates a clear vision for the team

4. Encourages others to learn and develop their skills

5. Will make unpopular decisions when necessary

Our library of 360 review questions contains over 1,000 survey items in more than 140 categories. These can be used verbatim or customised to fit the requirements of your organisation. To download this page for future reference, go to Survey Categories.

The Survey Library includes the following categories.

1. Executive Leadership

Developing Executive Skills, Gathering Corporate Intelligence, Strategic Planning & Communicating Vision and Direction, Focusing on Customers, Championing Innovation, Promoting Ethics, Communicating Effectively, Building Relationships, Promoting Internal Communication, Decision Making, Leading Change, Directing and Inspiring Action, Supporting Quality, Developing Leadership, Deploying Organisation Assets, Supporting the Community

2. Team Leadership

Teambuilding, Encouraging Innovation, Decision Making, Planning, Delegating, Observing, Performance Coaching, Performance Management

3. Personal Leadership

Leading by Example, Team Cooperation, Effective Meetings, Innovative Problem Solving, Feedback, Listening, Dialogue, Resolving Conflict

4. Collaborative Consulting

Business Needs, Contract Agreement, Fact Finding, Interpersonal Skills, Professional Expertise, Recommending Alternatives, Leading Change, Project Evaluation

5. Trainer or Instructor

Analysing Training Needs, Developing Training, Delivering Training, Evaluating Training, Technical Mastery, Training and Development Services

6. Sales Management

Coaching, Delegation, Profit Mentality, Initiative, Answering Objections, Customer Relations, Account Penetration, Practical Intelligence, Analytic Ability, Teamwork, Political Acumen, Visioning, Communicating

7. Salesperson Skills

Sales Planning, Sales Administration, Building Customer Relationships, Determining Customer Needs, Creating Customer Solutions, Presenting Customer Solutions, Facilitating Sales Agreement, Managing Sales Accounts, Building Internal Company Relationships, Increasing Sales Effectiveness

8. Administrative Staff

Appointment Coordination, Manager Support, Managing Office Technology, Meeting Preparation and Coordination, Office Communication, Office Organisation, Problem Solving, Professional Behaviour, Professional Development, Supporting Multiple Managers, Task and Project Management, Time Management


9. Readiness for 360

Feedback Climate, Awareness and Acceptance, Feedback Practices, Development Practices

10. Organisational Climate

Customer Focus and Commitment, Vision, Mission and Goals, Leadership, Management Support, Planning and Scheduling, Performance Management, Work Processes and Procedures, Quality Systems, Information Systems, Rewards and Recognition, Training and Development, Inter-department Relations, Communication, Meetings, Problem Solving, Employee Involvement, Team Management, Diversity, Change Management, job Satisfaction

11. Team Development

Team Technical Competence, Team Interaction, Team Unity, Team Creativity, Team Planning, Team Empowerment, Team Motivation, External Team Relationships

12. Team Effectiveness

Communication, Conflict, Decision Making, Environment,Feedback, Mission/Vision, Performance, Teamwork

13. Project Team

Objectives, Membership, Plans and Schedules, Meetings, Member Relations, Leader Effectiveness, Facilitator Effectiveness, Stakeholder Relations, Resource Management, Results

14. Customer Satisfaction

Customer Focus and Commitment, Trust and Ethical Dealings, Delivery Performance, Product Quality, Pricing and Payments, Sales Representative Capability, Service Quality and Reliability, Service Accessibility Responsiveness, Technical Support, Courtesy and Communication

Go to Survey Categories to download this page for future reference.

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